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This is a group for those affected by the Island Park Neighborhood Floods

About Us

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is being scheduled for late February 2018.  Please stay tuned!

(There is NO meeting Sat 2/10/18.)

Our Mission

This is a group for those affected by the Island Park Neighborhood Floods on 8/26 and 9/10/2017.  Our purpose is to pressure Lee County for a SOLUTION to these floods and better water management for our neighborhood – and to be a central source of information between Lee County, other Agencies, and the Citizens of Island Park.

Lee County

We are asking Lee County for immediate action on 1.) Engineering Study, 2.) drainage and swale maintenace, 3.) investigation of what happened, and 4.) a plan going forward.  

We Want Action

Johnson Engineering Study

On 10/17/17 Lee County approved four (4) engineering studies.  Island Park should be included in the South Fort Myers study by Johnson Engineering.  We need specific results and answers, particular to our Old 41 Business district and the upwater systems that drained into Island Park.

Drainage Maintenance

Prior to the storms, maintnence was behind in our neighborhoods.  Now that the floods have damaged our neighborhood systems -- debris and sand carried by the floodwater still sits on Island Park roadways -- we demand that our swales are maintained and graded before the next rainy season.

Answers to What Happened

We know that Island Park was different.  We flooded twice.  There are theories relating to Ten Mile Canal failing and the Airport sending water gushing into our Old 41 Businesses and into our Neighborhoods.  We demand answers from Lee County officials and an investigation.

We Expect A Plan

Decades without maintenance of our drainage systems, or planning for development, resulted in this man-made disaster for the Island Park community.  We demand a response and a plan going forward from Lee County.

Know Your Officials

Cecil Pendergrass (Dist 2) represents our Old 41 Business District and Larry Kiker (Dist 3) represents the residential neighborhoods along Island Park Road.  However, our issues -- and votes -- count for all five (5) members of the Lee County Commission.

Fight the Floods!

If you haven't already done so, please fill-out the membership form and mail it to us.  We need this for all "official" PAC members, as one of our important points is the strength and breadth of our members for political reasons.  Yes, it's best if you are a registered voter -- but we welcome everyone who is concerned for Island Park.

Join Us!

Use the attached "IPC Registration Form" to join our Group.  Stand by our side and FIGHT THE FLOODS along with us!

Meeting Location:

Island Park Citizens Meet at Rhythm Dinner Club

16440 S Tamiami Trl, Fort Myers, Florida 33908, United States

Next meeting is being scheduled for late February - stay tuned!

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